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another batch of great reviews for “Fate Is Your Muse”

“Devil to Pay take stoner rock and inject it with heavy metal steroids…” – Paranoid Music blog
“… creating some of rock’s finest music at present – any genre, any level, any anything. ” – Heavy Planet
“…this could be one of the numbers to receive ‘classic’ status.” –
“If these guys aren’t rock legends already, they will be for sure soon.” – Shakefire
“… devastating doom riff of Vitusean proportions.” –
“… their latest motor-stomp riff-off” – Broken Beard
“…great fuzzy doom riffs” – Wormwod Chronicles
“…beyond spectacular” – Metal Crusader
“…a sprawling racket that reaches every corner of the stoner-metal spectrum. ” – Chybucca Sounds
“…a rhythmic lumberjack” – [translation from French here]
“…riffs, riffs and more riffs.” – Record Heaven
“…the band’s best songwriting to date.” – JP’s Music Blog
“…you will fully revel in this release.” – Grande-Rock
“This is real music.” – Dr Music
“…a great slice of heavy music that isn’t afraid to get down and dirty.” – Sea of Tranquility

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DTP Interview up at

Paying the Devil His Due: A Conversation with Steve Janiak

M.DREW: You have a new album out, “Fate Is Your Muse.” Describe how this effort is different from other Devil to Pay records?

STEVE JANIAK: I guess first, it’s coming from a more developed and mature space musically and lyrically. I think also that we had been communicating with Ripple Music, so there was some anticipation of something good happening with them at the time we went to record. So, I believe that attitude of performance and overall vibe was very high. Otherwise, we’ve always kind of done the same thing. Work on a bunch of new jams, put ‘em together, sort through them and pick the ones we like the most. It was business as usual on that end.

read the entire interview here:

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