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a slew of new reviews for “Fate is Your Muse”

“.. towering, monumental piece of metal that has the power to transcend labels and genres.” – NUVO Newsweekly
“ many moments of outstanding beauty on this album that it is impossible to do it justice in print.” –
“…easily recommended” –
“DEVIL TO PAY blends slow tempos and groove exceptionally well” –
“This is the record that should set them up for a new decade of dominance.” – Ripple Effect
“a multifaceted playful experience of values, with heart, soul, undertaking intensive songcrafting” – FFM-Rock (translation from German here)
“..remains consistently at a high level – very solid.” – Metal1 (translation from German here)
“an irresistible feast of perfectly sculpted sounds” – Ringmaster Review
“ of the genre will be very pleased with this” – (translation from Italian here)
“So many guitar riffs, serious, heavy and accurate as possible” – (translation from Spanish here)
“a bevy of ridiculously catchy licks over a multitude of lyrical topics far headier than the bikers, babes, and beers you’d expect.”
“Prime stoner sludge from the Indiana wastelands!” –
“Devil To Pay impresses the listener at each and every turn” –
“a solid album” –
“..a vast audience of many ages and walks of life can find something to enjoy” – Artemortifica Reviews
“ of those just under the radar albums you’ll be proud to pull out or add to a playlist.” –
“.. juggernaut assault of heavy rock with ever mutating riffs, a gale-force of guitars, a Mt Vesuvius erupton of drumming with the molten lava of bass holding it all together.” – Ripple Effect Review of ‘This Train Won’t Stop’ 7″

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DTP a Winner in Klipsch Future Legends Contest

DTP are happy to announce we are one of a small handful of artists chosen as winners for the Klipsch Future Legends Contest. Each band gets the new Klipsch Music Center KMC 3 wireless speaker and their music placed in the retail demo units of the speaker, giving the bands access to worldwide audience! You can find out more at the Klipsch Facebook Page.

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DTP exclusive colored LPs on sale April 6th!

DTP exclusive colored vinyl LP package

DTP exclusive colored vinyl LP package

Ripple Music has less than 100 colored vinyl copies of the new DEVIL TO PAY record, ‘FATE IS YOUR MUSE’, and the limited edition package (with signed poster and tarot card lyric insert) will go on sale tomorrow morning; *Saturday April 6th at 11am Eastern Standard Time*. There will also be an additional exclusive package of 50 black LPs that come with a signed copy of the “This Train Won’t Stop” 7″ (released through Gloryhole Records) as well as a poster and tarot card lyric insert. Both packages will be available on the Ripple Music online store tomorrow morning, so set your alarm and don’t miss out, when they’re gone, they’re gone!


The CD and standard LPs will be available worldwide April 9th, so please help spread the good word.

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even more early press for “Fate is Your Muse”

the Obelisk review of ‘Fate is Your Muse’: review of ‘Fate is Your Muse’: review of ‘Fate is Your Muse’: review of ‘Fate is Your Muse’:

GetReadytoRock review of ‘Fate is Your Muse’:

Jim Santora show radio interview (available as a download or streaming podcast):
or you can read a transcript here

MetalNewsOnline Weekly Update mention:

Rotting Hill review of ‘Fate is Your Muse’:
(rough translation available here)

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