Fate is Your Muse Lyrics


born to work and bred to lose
the legions of the melancholy fools
in your deepest fears the point is strife
the overarching purpose of your life

break your doubts and heave them across the sky
all we are is a dream in your eyes

despite your search despair prevails
you never for a moment lift the veil
when your number’s called in that good night
will they sing your blessings or your blight?

break your doubts and heave them across the sky
all we are is a dream in your eyes
if this temporal world is nothing more than lies
can we reconcile the great divide?

take this double edged knife
this mortal life
this ever burning light


i can’t believe that it’s true
these age old questions can surely clear a room
i guess what you’re saying is yours and yours alone
your savoir faire impaired, this bird has flown

this conversation is wearing you down
long, long forgotten what the argument’s about
so roll your sleeves up and call your lawyer
cause i give a f…ine
tip of my hat to you for wasting my time

some hubris clouding your view
the real battle: who thinks less of who?
the moral of the story slowly fades away
and all that’s left are stubborn facts and fools


twenty sided rolls to get past these freaks
half human half lizard half hit point half boring half weak
no matter that my team is all gone
the sword may be lost but the fury is drawn

then i turned. pulled my knife. slashed away. for my life.

something jars me, suddenly i’m awake
ten lizardmen crowdin’ ’round my bed and i start to shake
“what do you want? what do you want? what do you want?”
“ssilence the human, the research must go on”

then i turned. pulled my knife. slashed away. for my life.

throw the world away! corrupt the DNA!


tell me again that it’s all a farce
a pointless burn of energy from the stars
time’s no friend! he’s born to lose
the architect of misery, just a ruse

some will stay and some will not leave
there’s you, there’s me, but sadly never “we”
wait your turn, remember the tune
the song of songs that every soul must croon

the world descends
depending on the frequency you send


behold the magic in your blood
electric charges in your skull
there is no doubt in your mind
you’re born, you breathe
you live, you die

already dead!

what if i told you they were wrong?
what if those core beliefs were gone?
no more lessons, search your own psyche
you’ve walked the earth a thousand times

already dead!
fate is your muse!
the end is what we choose


you said you thought it was the end of the world? you’d best scoot over
you’re not the first to believe you’re the last, it’s old as fear itself
so many theories and so little time, which would you prefer?
i don’t mean to spoil it damn, but how could i not?
you get what you expect!

no matter what.. what
hold onto smoke cause the bottom will drop (hang on)
give up the ghost cause the train won’t stop oh no!

i couldn’t blame you if your mind runs wild, i’ve been there myself
there’s nothing more convincing than some ancient scrolls
or glyphs carved deep in stone
just like a preacher in the bully seat
or some proof you found online
yeah it’s so compelling with the facts in your face
wrong, wrong, wrong again


if you must believe it then, you best start headin’ for the caves
it makes no sense to me to carry all that weight
nightmares in your daydreams so bleak and poor
paranoia seeping through your floor… floor


it’s like you’re riding in a beat up truck
but the beat up truck won’t go
like you think you’re burdened with a beat up soul
cause the ego-mind doesn’t know
all in all together through eternity the atoms endless dance
on and on forever consciousness unfolds into the great expanse

it’s written in your soul, believe it
there is no end in sight.. right

hold onto smoke cause the bottom will drop (hang on)
give up the ghost cause the train won’t stop, well
hold onto smoke cause the bottom will drop
hang on hang on hang on hang on hang on


see the porn get born
you suffer, suffer and you mourn
it’s never news, never till you’re caught
you’re trained to think
someone else’s thoughts
well put your foot down then

you’ll find a way

nothing to see here
you’ve broken, broken all your mirrors
time again, you’ll be sayin’ prayers
what’s real or wrong is just splitting hairs
well put your foot down then

you’ll find a way

trite or merely quite contrite
irony a bitter bite
lose your focus, lose your grip
get off your holy trip



when you’re feeling you’re through
when you feel life fall apart
no matter what they offer
don’t sell your cold, black heart
cause there’s always a next time
there are always new cards
the tale is never over until you’ve played your part

wait… wait… don’t quit before the games start
a little hope can warm your black, black, black heart

and i know that they’re cruel
and i know they can scar
but despite their constant stabbing
they cannot reach your heart
in this world of illusion
in this screen of camouflage
you are the eternal master of your every single thought

wait… wait… don’t let them snuff out your spark
or cast a shadow on your black, black, black heart

without warning the voice dropped in and
within a few moments was gone
it spoke of oneness and it melted fear and
in an instant it sang the entire cosmic song..

before it left i only had one question
one i had always yearned to know
“why?” i asked of this mystery
it replied “because i was alone”..


problems, problems
they gonna eat you up
the naked truth:
the mind can only take so much

stress, stress, stress
watch it fade away
the tighter you hold on
the more it weighs

uplift yourself

passion, passion
you gotta break the mold
gotta dig deep inside
to find the gold

trust, trust, trust
and believe it’s true
the things you focus on
return to you

uplift yourself


they’ve hypnotized your hearts
bewitched by poison darts
in your brains…

have you heard the choir trill?
do you follow? do you till?
do you hear the beating drums?
will you be ready when your own truth comes?

time and time again…
the sheep could use a friend, not a drover

from the time it takes to crawl

it’s never what they say!
the snakes will hiss
the lords will huff and bray
it’s all in what they do!
the actions and the deeds are clues



om sharavana bhavaya namaha
strike a chord and sing: épater les bourgeois!
point it where you want to be then let it go
steer the ship my friends, then let the wind blow

perspective is everything, at least that’s what i’m told
the glass half empty, or is it always full?
take your medicine now, red pill or blue?
“what the thinker thinks… the prover proves”

tie one on

don’t think in terms of the impossible
there are only levels of the probable
from the mundane to the most magical
from the absurd on to the mystical
all in all… all…

tie one on


before we begin, we’ve got some lessons to spin
before we begin our lives, the perfect moment arrives

we choose our disguise, we pick the lows and the highs
just by bending our wills, the very fabric will tilt

beyond the ether we all grow thin
like strips of paper or onion skin
beyond the ether dimensions knot
on through the void of consciousness and thought

things are not what they seem, they’re just reflections of our dreams
and before you awake the surface bubbles and it breaks

and by taking your pills you just deny what you feel
and by clipping your wings you deny the throne it’s king