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Devil to Pay is a band who has crafted their sound from one sweat-soaked gig in a dingy, disgusting roadhouse after another. The more the exercise continues, the dirtier the band’s sound becomes. Constant exposure to the insatiably hungry dregs of ugly riff-based metal fandom has caused Devil to Pay to embark on an endless quest to find the deepest, nastiest, most infectious and punishing riff ever devised. To that end, they’ve released their new album, “Heavily Ever After.”

It’s not for me to say whether or not they achieve their goal. Only the metal gods (no, not Judas Priest, I mean that universally,) can say who can claim that title. But it is an awful lot of fun to hear Devil to Pay try.

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Even if you’ve never heard Devil to Pay’s 2004 album “Thirty Pieces of Silver,” you’ve probably heard it. It might have been under a different name, or written in a different era, but it will set off alarms of familiarity from first dense note to last.

Every note of dirty, ugly drudgery is like a visit from an old, familiar friend. Each phrase is taken from the textbook of sludge metal, and the distortion is up so high that there aren’t notes or chords so much as emotional responses.

“Heavy” is barely an adequate starting qualifier for this type of metal. “Thirty Pieces of Silver” is a › Continue reading

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DOOMMANTIA review of “Heavily Ever After”

From the beginnings of what was a fairly generic sounding band in the Stoner rock scene, Indianapolis’ Devil To Pay have created their own sound over the course of three mighty albums. “Heavily Ever After” is the third album from a band that should be much bigger in the scene than they currently are, i guess some bands are destined to remain underground legends and with the pathetic state of the current music industry, great bands like Devil To Pay properly can’t do much about it. Sad really because Devil To Pay are masters of catchy riff-rock and their latest album is a example of how good and exciting this musical genre can be if done right and with passion. The band are amazing in their musical scope within a musical style that for the most part if fairly limited. Within the 13 classic songs on the album, you can hear sounds that remind you of everything from Fu Manchu, C.O.C, Black Sabbath, Dozer to Crowbar to Soundgarden to name just a few. The wide variety of different approaches to the mighty riff gives Devil To Pay a unique, timeless vibe that very few other bands come close to getting. Devil to Pay has always delivered the goods in the form of kick ass riffing, catchy anthemic type melody lines, tighter than a duck’s ass drumming and unrelenting energy. Devil To Pay get better with each album and Heavily Ever After is simply a irresistible collection of hard rock songs that will stand the test of time.

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