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Devil to Pay debut new video on the Obelisk

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Review of Radio Radio show

thanks to Cody Jones for the write up!

Devil to Pay is a no-frills bunch in regard to on-stage personalities. Guitarist/lead singer Steve Janiak takes the stage and boorishly mumbles into the microphone, “We are Devil to Pay.” Janiak and company thankfully let their music dictate the mood with no need for flamboyant ploys. Having now raped and pillaged most of Indianapolis’ music scene for close to ten years, DTP has become the region’s irrefutable kings of stoner rock. They went into the cerebral chord changer “Kill Everything” as drummer Chad Prifogle, now being one of Indy’s premiere percussionists, bangs each tom and crashes each cymbal with vigorous precision. Bassist Matt Stokes sets the sinister ambience by thumping the opening to “Belial” as guitarists Janiak and Rob Hough take over with mirrored sludgy riffs. This heralded mirror tactic is also used on the “Megistotherium” (among others), between the daisy chain of stombox effects, the unison riffs create an aura of crushing dissonance from strum to strum. It is impossible to not bang your head against the official soundtrack of impending doom.

Devil to Pay surprisingly had an overall retro set. The show itself served as a celebration for a (singles) vinyl release and an upcoming album on the horizon. Nevertheless, it was good to hear Janiak and company didn’t forget about the murky chord shifts of “Tractor Fuckin’ Trailer” that in a way put all this into motion. Though when performing the just released vinyl tracks “This Train Won’t Stop” and “Tie One On”, Devil to Pay looked beyond enthralled, proving that this group has no intention to cling on a dated library forever. That being said, I was pleasantly surprised the brooding patience of “Nifheim” was still the indisputable closer. Though with its bong water soaked leads and bone crunching riffage, even I can’t think of song that better encompasses everything Devil to Pay. Radio Radio cleared out pretty quickly after DTP’s set. The bands stayed and chatted up those who stuck around. To everyone’s amusement, one guy still dressed as Santa sloppily stumbled out the door into the cold night while a drunken girl (alone on the dance floor) performed a tribal dance of sorts, swinging her ratty flannel shirt to the jams of the jukebox. In terms of a successful rock show: Mission Accomplished!

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Nuvo review of “This Train Won’t Stop” single

Thanks to Jordan and Nuvo for the review!
This Train Nuvo Review

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