Today DEVIL TO PAY release album art and the track list for their upcoming release, “A Bend Through Space and Time”. Recorded in 2015 by Mike Bridavsky at Russian Recording in Bloomington, Indiana, “A Bend Through Space and Time” showcases the further development of DEVIL TO PAY’s songcraft and explorations in heavy, riff-oriented rock and roll. The album was preceded by the early release of a download and music video for the song “Your Inner Lemmy” in honor of the rock legend Lemmy Kilmister’s passing last December.

The cover art features an original painting by the amazing W. Ralph Walters.

“A Bend Through Space and Time” will be released worldwide August 12th on Ripple Music.


1. On and On (in your mind)
2. Don’t Give Away the World
3. Kobold in the Breadbasket
4. Laughingstock
5. the Meaning of Life
6. Recommended Daily Dosage
7. Knuckledragger
8. Kerfuffle
9. Your Inner Lemmy
10. the Demons Come Home to Roost

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DEVIL TO PAY 2016 Record Store Day Footage Released

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DTP Mentioned in Record Store Day 2016 Preview

DEVIL TO PAY was mentioned in the Indystar today as part of a preview to Record Store Day (April 16th):

10 acts to catch free on Record Store Day
(author: David Lindquist)
Performances scheduled at Luna Music, Indy CD & Vinyl, Irvington Vinyl and Joyful Noise

Music fans gravitate to Record Store Day for two primary reasons: The chance to buy limited-edition vinyl releases and the chance to catch free performances by bands, singer-songwriters and rappers.
The ninth annual edition of Record Store Day is set for April 16, when independent shops will unleash exclusive releases by David Bowie, the Weeknd, Death Cab for Cutie and more.
In Indianapolis, Luna Music, Indy CD & Vinyl, Irvington Vinyl and Joyful Noise Recordings have live music on the schedule.
Check out 10 performances worth checking out on Record Store Day (times are approximate):


When: 5 p.m.
Where: Indy CD & Vinyl.
Details: A fixture of the Indianapolis music community since 2002, Devil to Pay will preview songs from upcoming album “A Bend Through Space and Time.” The hard-rock band released a video for new track “Your Inner Lemmy” in January. As one might expect, the homage to late Motorhead vocalist-bass player Lemmy Kilmister features its share of R-rated lyrics. Devil to Pay (Steve Janiak, Chad Prifogle, Matt Stokes and Rob Hough) are signed to California-based label Ripple Music.
You might like Devil to Pay if you’re a fan of: Black Sabbath, Queens of the Stone Age, Clutch.
Hear Devil to Pay’s music at Bandcamp.com.

Read the entire article here

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DEVIL TO PAY Premiere Video for “Your Inner Lemmy”

DEVIL TO PAY premiered our new video for “Your Inner Lemmy” over at the Obelisk.net!

you can check it out here

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DEVIL TO PAY’s Upcoming Release Makes Most-Anticipated of 2016 Lists

DEVIL TO PAY’s “A Bend Through Space and Time” recently was included on a few lists of ‘most anticipated’ upcoming records for 2016. You can check out the lists from The Obelisk HERE and Doomcharts HERE

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DEVIL TO PAY release new song ‘Your Inner Lemmy’ in tribute to Motörhead legend

From Sheltered Life PR 1/11/16:

On 28th December 2015, the music world lost a true legend with the passing of Ian “Lemmy” Kilmister, the long time leader of seminal heavy metal band, Motörhead. Known for his fierce independence and true originality, his spirit has influenced several generations of musicians and music lovers.

Devil To Pay is one such band that owes a tremendous amount to Lemmy’s enduring legacy. Originally inspired by the great man, the Indianapolis quartet have chosen to honour his memory with the free download of new song, ‘Your Inner Lemmy’, taken their forthcoming album A Bend Through Space and Time, due for release later this summer on Ripple Music.

As Steve Janiak, singer and guitarist of Devil To Pay explains, “We initially came up with the riffs in 2013 and they obviously sounded very Motörhead-ish. I named the track ‘Your Inner Lemmy’ because it felt like we were channelling the rock god. Months later we fleshed out the arrangement and wrote the lyrics; it’s a textbook lesson on everything Lemmy was about to us personally. We initially didn’t intend to put it on the record, but the more we played it, the more it spoke to us and after we recorded it, we really hoped that somehow he would end up hearing the song. His unfortunate passing shocked and saddened us all.”

Through ten years of soul searching and survival – crawling out from the dank underbelly of the Indianapolis heavy music scene – Devil To Pay established themselves in the underground rock community after signing to Ripple Music to release their album Fate Is Your Muse. Released worldwide in early Spring 2013, the album was a heavy, lyrical journey through the metaphysical realms of consciousness. A subject that the quartet will be revisiting again very soon with their latest collection of paranormal/mind-bending heaviness on A Bend Through Space and Time.

In the meantime, their heartfelt tribute to the spirit of the man who never bowed down to anyone, can be shared and downloaded for free at https://ripplemusic.bandcamp.com/track/your-inner-lemmy

Rest in Peace Lemmy.

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