DTP Release New Live Clip

In honor of Days of the Doomed IV fest, DEVIL TO PAY posted a new live clip to youtube with lyrics!

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DTP’s ‘Fate Is Your Muse’ makes Top 100 Hoosier Albums list

DEVIL TO PAY’s 2013 album ‘Fate Is Your Muse’ has been honored this week by NUVO Newsweekly in their 100 Best Hoosier Albums Ever. There are many great arists (old and new) in the list and we are proud to be included. You can see the entire article at this link: www.nuvo.net/indianapolis/100-best-hoosier-albums-ever/Content

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new DTP interview up at the Metal Deli!

DEVIL TO PAY recently spoke with Kimmi Rudolph from the Metal Deli. You can tune in to the Metal Deli podcast to hear some DTP tunes, as well as check out our conversation (2nd option down on the right) over at http://www.themetaldeli.com/

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DTP added to Days of the Doomed IV lineup!

DEVIL TO PAY has been added to the esteemed heavy music fest, Days of the Doomed! Now in it’s 4th year, the fest has hosted some of the biggest names in doom and underground metal: Blood Farmers, Zebulon Pike, Solace, Iron Man, Pale Divine, Penance, Earth Ride, Dream Death, Las Cruces, Revelation, The Gates of Slumber & many more!

The Fest will be held at the Metal Grill in Cudahy, WI on June 20th and 21st. Tickets are on sale starting today (at noon), and are available at this link!

check out these articles from the Obelisk and Metal Kaos about DTP joining the DOTD lineup.

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More year-end love for “Fate is Your Muse”!

DEVIL TO PAY’s “Fate is Your Muse” made a few more year-end lists recently. Including 4 songs in the “Top 100 Most Paranoid Songs of 2013″ and landing at #6 in the “Top 100 Most Paranoid Albums of 2013″ at the Paranoid Hitsophrenic blog!

“Fate is Your Muse” also got a mention over at The Aquarian Weekly’s year end lists: link here

and also made it on a few year end lists over at The Ripple Effect: here and here

check out the Paranoid Hitsophrenic 2013 lists here:


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‘Fate is Your Muse’ Receives Year End Accolades!

DEVIL TO PAY were honored to be mentioned along with some amazing artists and albums from 2013. ‘Fate is Your Muse’ was included on BloodyGoodHorror.com‘s ‘Eleven Best Metal Albums of 2013′, the Obelisk‘s Top 20 of 2013, and Sam Roon’s (Metal News Online) Top 10 of 2013.

BloodyGoodHorror.com wrote: “This is where we really start to see separation between the ‘very good’ albums of 2013 and the beginning of the ‘great’ albums. Occasionally an album gets by because it’s honest, and frankly, it’s fun. “Fate Is Your Muse” is both of those things. After a life-changing epiphany, singer Steve Janiak took the band in a less doom-centric direction, but the music remains very much a heavy, turned to eleven affair. They might be singing about alien abduction or Mayan calendars, but whatever the subject matter, DtP remains the hardest working band in the Midwest. “

theObelisk.com wrote: “It seemed like no matter where I turned in 2013, Devil to Pay‘s Fate is Your Muse was there. Not that it was the highest-profile release of the year or bolstered by some consciousness-invading viral campaign or anything, just that once the songs locked into my head, there was no removing them, and whether it was straightforward rockers like “This Train Won’t Stop,” “Savonarola” and “Tie One On,” the moodier “Black Black Heart” or the charm-soaked “Ten Lizardmen and One Pocketknife” — which might also be the best song title I came across this year — it was a pretty safe bet that something from the Indianapolis four-piece was going to make a showing on the mental jukebox if not in the actual player (it showed up plenty there as well).”

Sam Roon (Metal News Online) said: “Devil to Pay is one of my favorite underground bands because their live show is so authentic and real that you can’t help but get involved. You become immersed in the entire experience. Their albums have been really, really good in the past, but I think “Fate Is Your Muse” is the first record that captures that live feeling and puts it across the way I feel about the live show. This is a group that some of you might not know yet and I don’t want you to be left in the dark about them. They tour a lot so try to catch them live if you can. Luckily, until then, you can find a ton of their music streaming online.”

You can check both articles in their entirety here: BloodyGoodHorror.com, here: the Obelisk and here: MetalNewsOnline.com

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